Aziz Bari hits out at 'nonsensical' Pas leaders


Aziz Bari hits out at 'nonsensical' Pas leaders

Aziz Bari hits out at 'nonsensical' Pas leaders

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
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Abdul Aziz: "Are they (Pas leaders) saying that only politicians can express their opinions?''

KUALA LUMPUR: Academic Dr Abdul Aziz Bari said two Pas leaders - Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak and Datuk Mustafa Ali - were uttering nonsense when they censured him for urging Pakatan Rakyat to punish Azizan.


The first to receive the thick end of the professor’s tongue was Azizan, who is Kedah Mentri Besar and Pas Kedah commissioner, for saying that the Pakatan's ‘Orange Book’or Buku Jingga is not the Quran that needs to be followed at all times.


Abdul Aziz did not mince his words either when lashing out at Pas secretary general Mustafa whom the former said was also uttering nonsense.


Speaking to The Mole Abdul Aziz said, "Azizan has ignored Pakatan’s common policy framework which includes the abolishment of the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA)."


The former International Islamic University law lecturer also said that the Mentri Besar had failed to look at Pakatan's policies which they will use as an election manifesto.


Commenting on a statement by Mustafa that Aziz had gone too far and was not in a position to ask Pas to take action against Azizan, Abdul Aziz said, "are they saying that only politicians can express their opinions?’’


This, he said, proved how Pas leaders had failed to understand the importance in understanding the freedom of speech for everyone including academicians. 


“Everyone has a right to raise their views and as an academic I have the freedom to state my point especially when it comes to the fundamental rights of students," he added.


The Kedah MB said in a portal that the state will not follow the common policy framework as it is not the Al-Quran and the state was not obligated to follow the framework’s policies.


Pas Youth chief Nasaruddin Hassan Tantawi had also reportedly asked why Abdul Aziz was only criticising the Mentri Besar and not the Democratic Action Party (DAP) national chairman Karpal Singh represents KUIN in the legal action.


In response to this, Aziz said Karpal should have thought twice before representing the college.