Belanjawan Pakatan [against Belanjawan Negara]


Belanjawan Pakatan [against Belanjawan Negara]

Belanjawan Pakatan [against Belanjawan Negara]

Thursday, September 27, 2012
  • Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat 2013
Pakatan's Budget lacked experience and credibility

Blogger Rocky's Bru wrote on Pakatan's alternative budget which was announced yesterday. He described the Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat as lacking in the credibility department and is also reflected a dire lack of experience.


I was hoping that Anwar Ibrahim & Co will have more to offer in their "shadow" 2013 than just entertainment value. So far, it has inspired some OK jokes on Twitter. But like I pointed out to YB Nazmi, it should be Belanjawan Negara and NOT Belanjawan Pakatan. If you think I'm trying to be petty, just imagine if the Umno guys decide to call it Belanjawan Umno, gelak tak? 


On Twitter, someone feigned surprise that Anwar did not propose the setting up of a Pakatan Airways. I didn't catch the joke at first, until someone had to throw in the  broad hint: private jet, lah! Ah, so ... My bad. That private jet business is going to hurt like the Sept 16 failed takeover of Putrajaya back in 2008.



In the 2013 Budget, Anwar will be seen as desperately trying to dismantle, abolish and undo whatever achievements made by the ruling Government.


In doing so, he even overlooked the fact that some of those policies were agreed upon or devised when he was in the Government, when he was in a hurry to become the PM.


The GST, for example, was already talked about when he was Finance Minister.


Strangely, now Rafizi, his strategic thinker, says GST is a "ploy" to conceal the ills of the economy, an economy that has many in the developed West green with envy!


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