Bersih is not non partisan


Bersih is not non partisan

Bersih is not non partisan

Sunday, April 8, 2012
  • Bersih3.0
Bersih 3.0, free from political affiliation? (Picture from Tukang Sapu)

Bersih is no longer a non-partisan NGO


Why is that?


1. If you have political party and MPs supporting you, then do you really need a street rally? 


The reason Bersih held a street rally is to pressing Parliament regarding electoral and poll issue.


But if they already have MPs supporting them, then why not just let that particular MPs or group of MPs raise the issue of electoral reform first in the Dewan Rakyat? If there are no progress, after several attempt and discussion, then they may use some other approach (like street demo)


2. Are they promoting direct democracy?


From their action in (1) above, seems that they are promoting a new system, i.e direct democracy. They treat Wakil Rakyat not more than a mere delegates (as in direct democracy rather than representative in representative democracy).


3. It is a waste of time engage with EC, yet it is not waste of time to hold rally.


*She* said that talking with EC is a waste of time. Do you expect that by holding a rally, suddenly all your demands will be implemented? If it so, then there is no need PSC in the first place, making all the work, gathering public opinion, and parties that engaging with PSC useless.



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