Careless parenting


Careless parenting

Careless parenting

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
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Scenes like the one in the picture above are quite prevalent nowadays.

Our lackadaisical attitude towards our children’s safety can be seen every day. Yesterday alone I saw a lady walking a good 5 metres away from her 4 or 5 year old boy. The boy was of course walking in the middle of the street. The mother just walked as if nothing was happening.


Nowadays it is also of course quite trendy for some of us to drive in continental vehicles with sunroof. And scenes like the one in the picture above are quite prevalent too nowadays.



If I remember correctly, last year I saw a TV3 news about a girl who was allowed by her father to do like the child in the picture in a car which was driven along a busy road in KL. Her head was stuck when the sunroof closed by itself and could not be re-opened! It made the news on TV3!


Traffic safety is our responsibility. It is not enough for all of us to just hope that the PDRM and JPJ to reduce accidents etc. We must realise that the responsibility first of all is ours to ensure traffic safety. The PDRM and JPJ are just law enforcers.



If we could not be bothered with even our own safety, can we expect the PDRM and JPJ to reduce accidents?


Most importantly. children are God’s gift to us. They rely on us for almost everything until the time comes for them to look after themselves.


Do we want to fail them?


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