Pas ulama concerned over foreign reports of more Malay Chistians


Pas ulama concerned over foreign reports of more Malay Chistians

Pas ulama concerned over foreign reports of more Malay Chistians

Thursday, November 29, 2012
  • Christianisation in the country Zulkifli Nordin
Zulkifli says CBN report further affirms on efforts to convert Malay Muslims to Christianity (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/ The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR : Pas Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib said the Government and religious authorities cannot take a report by US-based Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), if its report that there are increasing number of Malay Christians is true.


Harun said: “It’s not fair for me to comment whether there is indeed an increase of Malay Christians, but the Government should control this matter to avoid having more apostate Malays.”


“When it comes to Muslims’ aqidah (faith), we should not see this issue from a political perspective but rather take an in-depth approach to solve it.”


Meanwhile, independent MP Datuk Zulkifli Noordin says the CBN report on the increase of Malay Christians in the country only re-affirms views that there is a systematic proselytisation effort to turn Malays into Christians.


Zulkifli told The Mole the video report by CBN has proven that there is a systematic strategy done to not only get Malays to leave Islam, but also to destroy the Malay race.


“What was shown confirmed what I have always said, that there is an effort to convert Malays to Christianity. If prior to this the activity was done discreetly, now they are bold enough to do it publicly,” the Kulim-Bandar Baru MP said.


Zulkifli said various approaches have been done before, including direct involvement of churches in supporting opposition political parties.


“To me these people are not only disrespecting the religion, but they have also shown disrespect to the Federal Constitution and the state law which forbids people from spreading their religious propaganda among Malay Muslims,” he added.


Last month Zulkifli revealed in Dewan Rakyat that a prayer function held in Penang, DAP leaders together with local and foreign clergymen, have prayed to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.


Pas leaders reportedly have asked Zulkifli to present proof of his allegations.


Zulkifli said the Malay race will indirectly be destroyed because to be a Malay a person has to be Muslim as defined in the Federal Constitution.


Zulkifli further said: “That is the reason why I disagree with Nurul Izzah's statement on religious freedom for Malays. If religious freedom is allowed, we are destroying the fundamental rights of the Malays as accorded in the Federal Constitution.”


Last week Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar filed a suit against Utusan Malaysia, saying her alleged statement on religious freedom for Malays was twisted.


Nurul Izzah received a lot of flak following her statement in a public forum earlier this month that religious freedom should also apply on the Malays. 


She was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying that people should not be compelled to adopt a particular religion and that this should also apply to Malays.


Jati president Datuk Hasan Ali urged the authorities to act and monitor the proselytisation movement.


He stated ,"Muslims’ growing concerns should not be taken lightly."


“When we raise this matter, we know people who support this activity will not admit to it.”


“We have proof and we don’t talk about this for political mileage. I will not lie on matters about Islam,” the Gombak Setia state assemblyman said.


Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT) secretary general Abdul Karim Omar in commenting on the CBN report said:


“People must realise that there are conversion attempts done in the country. When Muafakat and other Muslim leaders raised this issue in seminars, some politicians have disparaged it and described it as bad political agenda.”


“What is political when all we want is to preserve the faith of Muslims and to protect our Federal Constitution?” he asked.


“Firstly the video itself was done in bad faith. To show that we are oppressive against Malays who want to convert to Christianity is malicious and untrue. The center was not located in the jungle as shown, it is actually easily accessible,” Abdul Karim added.


"The  video was done with malicious intent, purposely portraying us as abusive, when all we're trying to do is to safeguard the "akidah" of Malay Muslims," explained Abdul Karim.


Blogger Helen Ang who first wrote on the issue asked whether any religious department will determine who is telling lies in the issue of Christianisation as many Malays, including Malay newspaper Utusan Malaysia have been accused of slander due to it.