Overseas Christian media says increase in Malay Christians


Overseas Christian media says increase in Malay Christians

Overseas Christian media says increase in Malay Christians

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
  • Christianisation in the country
Who is telling the truth on the issue of the Christianisation for Malays? (Graphics by Dayang Norzahar/ The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: A US-based Christian broadcasting television network has reported that there is an increase in the conversion of Malay Muslims to Christianity.


Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), a non-profit Christian media stated that five years ago there were less than 200 Malay Christians in the country and now there are 1,000 or more.


The CBN news video which has been posted on Youtube also showed video clips of Malays in a church for midweek’s service.


The video featuring its journalist Gary Lane, showed how Christian pastors and evangelists were involved in programs to feed the poor and offering prayers to others.


In the same video a former Malay Muslim only known as Nathan said despite losing his properties, family and job after the authorities found out that he has converted to Christianity, choose to go into hiding from the government and declared that he would never return to Islam.


Nathan also said that he will spread his beliefs to the Malays, saying: “Who’s going to reach out to my own people if it’s not me?”


The Youtube video which was posted by VoiceofMartyrsUSA in its description read: “Gary Lane of CBN News traveled to Kuala Lampur to investigate the government-sanctioned hostility against Christians.”


“Despite this constant danger, many Christians remain bold, spreading the Gospel to others. Many non-believers are seeking the truth of the Scripture, and are hungry for the Word.”


Meanwhile blogger Helen Ang who has picked up the issue asked whether any religious department will determine who is telling lies in the issue of Christianisation as many Malays have been accused of slander due to it.


Ang wrote: “If there is no Christianisation movement for Malays, we can conclude that Utusan (Malaysia), Dr Hasan Ali, Ustaz Nasha, Zul Nordin and other bloggers are liars.”


She added: “If indeed there is a Christianisation movement for Malays, it seems as if some of Pakatan politicians and the NGOs they funded are trying to hide the truth.”


“If DAP evangelist politicians objected for apostate Malays to be sent into an aqidah purification centre, (pusat pemulihan akidah), they have to clarify on their intentions, aim and goals to Malay voters.”