DAP CEC election - A comedy of errors


DAP CEC election - A comedy of errors

DAP CEC election - A comedy of errors

Saturday, January 5, 2013
  • DAP
DAP politicians and their supporters often criticise Malaysia's electoral system, but their own internal party elections have now come under intense criticism. (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR:  DAP assistant national publicity secretary Zairil Khir Johari said there will be no rerun of the party elections despite a technical glitch which occurred during the party’s 16th National Congress on December 15 -- leading to a situation described by one blogger as a political comedy.


In a text message reply to The Mole, Zairil said: “The error is a clerical one and nothing that compromised the integrity of the vote or the count. So as I understand there will not be one.” 


Zairil was responding to a news report which stated that a technical error in calculations had led to an inaccurate result in the election to positions in the Central Executive Committee (CEC). 


It was reported that Zairil, who had initially had 305 votes, was later found to have received 803 votes. 


The revised count put Zairil in 20th place in the overall standings, automatically landing him in the CEC. 


The sudden switch was ridiculed by bloggers, including journalist Datuk Ahirudin Attan, also known as Rocky, who wrote in his blog Rocky’s Bru that his friends in the Election Commission were “laughing their heads off and rolling on the floor at the DAP’s idea of ‘election transparency’.” 


Obviously, the fact that the DAP's recent election rejected outright all eight Malay candidates for the highest committee had hurt the party's image big time,” Rocky wrote. 


Despite the claim by Zairil Khir Johari that it was ‘no big deal’, the absence of an elected Malay rep in DAP's highest committee is a mighty blow to the party's multiracial claim,” Rocky said, adding that Zairil was the only Malay in DAP to benefit from the corrected vote count. 


Rocky continued: “With (the) general election just around the corner, something had to be done, right? Desperate people resort to desperate measures, they say.” 


Another blogger, Dr MiM, said the issue was a political comedy, and that move would bring down the credibility of the DAP and embarrass the party’s members and supporters. 


“The irony is, when I read the report in Roketkini, I found they hadn’t mentioned the date of the DAP CEC election at all!” Dr MiM said. 


“Why?” he asked. “Are they afraid the Rakyat will criticise them because such a huge mistake happened so long after the election process?” 


“Adding to the DAP’s shame is that they’re the ones who often criticise the country’s electoral system and say it’s one-sided and not transparent. In fact, their party failed at their own internal elections!” the blogger said.