Sunday, March 18, 2012
  • cow-a-bungle
There will be no letting up on this...

I had to write about this, albeit a little late. Ever so often we hear about complaints and gripe about MACC/PDRM, and of course the Government.


So for those out there who almost always think that the government is trying to cover up stuff to protect its own, think again. I think that there will be no letting up on this, and please don't just credit those who are trying to burn this country.


From within, there is enough will power to fight these kinds of wrongdoing, starting from MACC. 


Yeah, yeah, I can also hear you grunting about the dead customs guy and that political aide, but did you question how they got themselves in the spot in the first place?


But judging from the whole cow-a-bungling issue, I think they should sort out the mess.


I am not sure about you, but I tried local beef lately and hell its good, but for RM250 million? Its way too much.........


Concept: GOOD; Delivery: FAIL


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