DAP grassroots demand new CEC poll


DAP grassroots demand new CEC poll

DAP grassroots demand new CEC poll

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
  •  K.Yogasigamany addressing the media
The fiasco, if not solved accordingly, will affect the image, reputation and credibility of DAP, Yogasigamany says. (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR:  A group of DAP grassroots leaders has demanded the dubious DAP central executive committee (CEC) election’s be nullified and a new one conducted.


Its spokesperson, K Yogasigamany, who is also DAP Taman Chi Liung Indah branch chairman, said that it is crucial for the party’s top leadership to hold a fresh election as it is needed to restore the integrity and public confidence in DAP.


“If not, public perception of fraud and manipulation in DAP polls to place in a Malay elected candidate will linger and this will affect the image of the party,” he told a press conference today.


Describing the recent party poll as not done with full transparency, Yogasigamany claimed that there had been an attempt to push Zairil Khir Johari into the top 20 CEC members.


“If our top leaders feel that Zairil, son of a former Umno minister, is the perfect weapon to destroy Umno, then we can urge the members, warlords and delegates to legitimately elect him trough the front door,” he said.


During the first result announcement on December 15, Zairil had bagged a total of 305 votes and ranked 39th place overall.


However, a new result was announced three weeks later in which Zairil actually had garnered 803 votes, and put him in 20th place overall.


According to DAP election director Pooi Weng Keong, it was a genuine error and caused by a technical glitch when the results were transferred using Microsoft Excel.


A few prominent bloggers said it was seemingly an orchestrated way to show that Malays are well accepted in the party, since the early results showed that not even one Malay face had managed to rank in the top 20.


Blogger Stop The Lies claimed that it was planned to put an elected Malay into the CEC to check a possible mass resignation of Malay members.


"One can't help but speculate that the blunder occurred too coincidentally and everything seem to point to a deliberate attempt to undo the party’s anti-Melayu tag after the party polls," the blogger wrote.


Syed Akbar Ali, better known as Syed Outside The Box, raised a question on why DAP refused to manually recount the votes altogether.


"Where are the ballot papers? Where are the manually recorded tally sheets? This only raises another question - has all the evidence been destroyed already?


"The simplest thing to do now will be to physically recount the ballots. If the ballot papers have already been destroyed, then the party elections must be held again - one more time," he said.


Meanwhile, citing the new result as suspicious, Yogasigamany further said: “This time, there is an increase of 498 votes (163 per cent) for Zairil and a decreases of 533 votes (44 per cent) for Vincent Wu."


“The votes difference is just outstanding based on the fact there were only 1823 voting delegates (out from 2567 eligible delegates),” he said.


Yogasigamany also questioned the eligibility of Pooi to be appointed as the election director, claiming there had been complaints when Pooi ran the 2010 CEC election as the assistant election director.


"How qualified was Pooi to conduct the election when it is the most competitive, aggressively-contested CEC election in the history of DAP?" he said.


Yogasigamany also urged secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and National Organising secretary Teresa Kok to take full responsibility for the fiasco rather than finding a scapegoat to put the blame on.