DAP thought Islamic state had been irrevocably laid to rest


DAP thought Islamic state had been irrevocably laid to rest

DAP thought Islamic state had been irrevocably laid to rest

Sunday, September 25, 2011
  • Karpal Singh
DAP chairman Karpal Singh is suprised at Nik Aziz's statement on Hudud issue

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP thought the Islamic state issue had been laid to rest irrevocably with the welfare state resolution held by the Pas muktamar held this year.


Its chairman Karpal Singh said the recent outburst by Nik Aziz over this matter is contradicting the resolution Pas had previously decided, which is to create a welfare state instead of an Islamic state.


“I am surprised at Nik Aziz descending to provocative language, for no rhyme or reason, by now saying that the DAP could choose to leave the opposition grouping if it objected to Pas’ plan to set up an Islamic state and unnecessarily alluding to PAS’ experience in parting ways with the DAP in the 1990’s over the same issue,” Karpal said in a statement to The Mole.


The Bukit Gelugor member of parliament also said that Nik Aziz "should not take leave of his senses."


“It is difficult to understand why Nik Aziz is unnecessarily supplying canon-fodder to the Barisan Nasional with a general election in the offing," he added.


PAS Youth chief, Nasruddin Hassan said Pas, especially Nik Aziz, has always been consistent with their stand regarding hudud.


Speaking to The Mole today, Nasruddin however believed PAS would continue to be in the same foray with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and hoped for an understanding by the component parties to respect Pas’ stand on the matter.


“I see now that people are trying to manipulate the issue to create friction among PR leaders. I urge the people to not fall into this trap,” he said when asked whether PAS would leave to coalition due to this issue.


Nasruddin also said that Muslim and non-Muslime leaders, especially from Umno and BN to study more about hudud law and the implementation before making any conclusion about it.


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  told The Mole yesterday that Nik Aziz’s sudden revived interest in wanting to implement Hudud and pursue the setting up of an Islamic state is a political propaganda to win back dwindling Muslim support.


Dr Mahathir also urged Nik Aziz to make public a letter the Pas’ leader claimed was the main stumbling block for Hudud in Kelantan.


Hudud have been highly discussed in the blogosphere to date.


Syed Akbar Ali wrote in his blog saying that “even Nik Aziz is looking for an excuse NOT to implement the hudud.”


Due to the claim that the letter still carries ‘weight’, Syed Akbar argued that the letter, among other things stated Dr Mahathir’s stand on the absence of uniform Hudud law anywhere in the world as well as there are differences in views in different Islamic countries.