DiGi delivers iPhone 4S one day early?


DiGi delivers iPhone 4S one day early?

DiGi delivers iPhone 4S one day early?

Thursday, December 15, 2011
  • iPhone 4S
All Telcos in Malaysia were only allowed to launch/sell Apple's iPhone 4s on or after Dec 16, 2011.

There were reports on some websites/blogs that DiGi actually delivered the iPhone 4S today ...

... The problem here is, Apple has set the iPhone 4S Malaysia launch/availability on December 16 but DiGi has already delivered the latest iPhone today(Dec 15).


We checked with one of our source in Apple and it appears that DiGi might have broke the rules it signed with Apple.


Since customers can now purchase the DiGi iPhone 4S online, we are guessing that FedEx probably delivered the iPhone 4S ahead of schedule. Good job FedEx! 


It is not the 1st time DiGi has upset Apple. In the past, it associated iPhone with animal(“kambing”) and promoted the white iPhone 4 before it was announced by Apple.


We believe Apple took action against DiGi but we are not sure what are the punishment this time if DiGi is found to be guilty. Apple has a strict guideline on how Telcos can promote the iPhone.


We know two Telcos will be really upset with DiGi, if this is found to be true. 


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