Dr Yap should resign if the allegation is true


Dr Yap should resign if the allegation is true

Dr Yap should resign if the allegation is true

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
  • Dr Yap Sin Tian
To date, Dr Yap have yet to comment on the issue

KUALA LUMPUR: The United Chinese School Committees of Malaysia (Dong Zong) chairman Dr Yap Tian Sin, allegedly holding two unaccredited PhDs, should resign if the accusations were true, MCA Kuantan chairman Datuk Ti Lian Ker said.

Ti pointed out that Dong Zong, which acts as an institution to champion Chinese education must have a credible, reliable and responsible person to lead in its quest.

“If it is true, as a leader of a body championing Chinese education, he (Dr Yap) should resign thus allowing Dong Zong to redeem its dignity,” he said when contacted by The Mole.

The controversial champion of Chinese education, Dr Yap, who is also the director of Oriental Strategy Research Centre, received much flak after several bloggers accused him of holding dodgy PhDs which they claimed were obtained without a proper procedure.

This, they said undermined Dr Yap's very agenda of strengthening and re-nurturing Chinese education.

Blogger Stop The Lies alleged that Dr Yap's doctorate in Business Administration obtained in 1991 and a doctorate in Education obtained in 1993 were both from, both from the Kensington University, in California in the USA, were "bought" via the Internet.

What is worse, said the blogger was that the university's image was tarnished when it was shut down by the Californian authorities in 1996 for accepting below-par student work, awarding inflated credit for so-called “life experience” and not having enough faculties.

Wikipedia stated that Kensington handed out degrees "which may have little, if any, academic value" and perpetrated a "fraud on the public".

The free online encyclopedia further reported Californian investigators found that the school awarded doctoral degrees after as little as four months' work which consisted of reading magazine articles.


However, The Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong)’s deputy secretary-general Prof Dr Chin Yew Sin stressed the public should remember that Dr Yap also holds a PhD from the well-known Southern Cross University, Australia that he obtained in 1999.

Dr Chin, who is also the head of Oriental Strategy Research Centre, argued that people should remember, during those days, it wasn’t easy to obtain a PhD and that was the reason why Dr Yap tried to get his via distance learning.

“It wasn’t his fault that Kensington was shut down by the authority. He did study for it. He obtained those doctorates on 1991 and 1993, but the university was shut down on 1996.


"It is quite inappropriate for them to accuse Dr Yap of getting those PhDs wrongly,” Dr Chin said when contacted.

Dr Chin said the issue (of Chinese education) that is being championed by Dr Yap should be the focus and not attacks on his person.

Blogger Just Read  said Dong Zong as a prominent body should by now has looked into Dr Yap's case before it affects the organisation.

This is not the first time Dr Yap's credentials are being questioned.


In fact, it was raised much earlier in a blog Education In Malaysia in an article in 2006 which listed out luminaries with dubious academic credentials and Dr Yap was listed among them.


The blog contributors list were made up of  DAP Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Tony Pua, political analyst from USCI Dr Ong Kian Ming and a student activist John Lee.

The same sentiment was also echoed by a former MP from DAP Dr Kua Kia Soong when he questioned in an article: “ How did we allow someone (Dr Yap) with three dubious PhDs to become the board chairman of New Era College which has a vision of being a world-class tertiary-level institution?”

“How did we allow someone who lacked leadership qualities, with his own hidden agenda, get rid of some of the most committed and competent activists in the movement?” he said in the article published in 2009.

The same issue was also reported in The Star. The report stated that an official from Dong Zong has refuted the allegations, saying they had printed a booklet on the matter in 2009 to clear the air.

“We have studied the matter and find that the allegations about the status of the degrees are baseless. We had published a booklet on it in 2009,” the officer said.


When contacted Dr Yap refused to comment.