Egypt's military in talks with ELBaradei, Mussa


Egypt's military in talks with ELBaradei, Mussa

Egypt's military in talks with ELBaradei, Mussa

Saturday, November 26, 2011
  • amr
Mussa was previously secretary-general of the Arab League.

CAIRO: Egypt's military ruler on Saturday held talks with presidential hopefuls Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Mussa whose names have been touted by protesters as possible leaders of a new government.


Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi met separately ElBaradei, the former head of the UN nuclear watchdog, and Mussa, the ex-head of the Arab League, the official MENA agency said, as protesters demanding the end of military rule remained camped out in Tahrir Square.


On Friday, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is headed by Tantawi, said it had tasked Kamal al-Ganzuri -- who served as prime minister under ousted president Hosni Mubarak-- to form a new cabinet.


But the appointment failed to satisfy the demands of protesters in Tahrir who reject anyone from the Mubarak era, or appointed by the military without full powers.


A sit-in in Tahrir entered its eighth day on Saturday, with protesters vowing to stay put until their demands for change are met.


At least 42 people have died in the clashes that erupted a week ago, and over 3,000 have been injured.