IMR Network: New media network aimed to unite Muslims


IMR Network: New media network aimed to unite Muslims

IMR Network: New media network aimed to unite Muslims

Thursday, November 1, 2012
  • Hassan Ali (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/ The Mole)
IMR Network is inclined to Islamic principles, Hasan said (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/ The Mole)

SHAH ALAM: IMR Network, a new media network launched today is aimed to foster unity among Malaysian Muslims and to uphold Islam, the Malay race and the royal institution.


IMR Network which consists of real time online TV and radio station will provide an information platform for Muslims on current issues about Islam and the nation.


Speaking at the press conference IMR Network director Datuk Hasan Ali said: “I can assure you (that) yes, IMR Network is inclined to Islamic principles.


“We will highlight political and socioeconomic issues that concerning Muslims.”


Hasan who is also the Gombak Setia state assemblyman added that the network is also aimed at preserving and protecting the Malay race and to uphold the royal institution.


“We want others to have better understanding of Islam,be aware of the race and to have respect for the (royal) institution as accorded in our Federal Constitution.”


Asked whether the network will be seen as a threat to non-Muslims in the country, Hasan said: “Whatever we do, we will fall back to the Federal Constitution and I believe it (the constitution) has been agreed upon by all the races”.


“The information we offer will not exceed beyond the boundaries of the constitution. We are not alienating any of our non-Muslim or non-Malay counterparts as we follow the Islamic principle of being fair to everyone.”


Hasan also denied that the network will be his political platform and to promote the agenda of Jati, a non-governmental organisation he founded.


Hasan said IMR Network will give hard facts which might not be highlighted by other media and it remains committed to work with any political groups or individuals.   


“We are politically independent, and we are not aligned with anyone. We agree to have alignment of political ideas with anybody but not political affiliation.”


“Thus if (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim,  (Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak or (Datuk) Nik Aziz want to appear in our programme, we are open to receive them,” said Hasan.


Hasan denied that the network was funded by political parties, saying it has received contributions from friends and people who believed in its cause.


IMR Network can be accessed at It is also available on Youtube channel: IMRTelevision.