In Islam, you stick to your promise, Pas told


In Islam, you stick to your promise, Pas told

In Islam, you stick to your promise, Pas told

Sunday, April 1, 2012
  • Hu Pang Chow
Hu: Pas must stick to promise or risk losing support

KUALA LUMPUR: Pas should stick to its promise to field non-Muslim candidates in the next general election or face a backlash from the party’s supporter congress.


The congress president Hu Pang Chow told The Mole: “If party leaders decide not to pick anyone from the congress as election candidates, they must give good explanation or it will backfire on them.”


“Pas will be seen as untrustworthy to its supporters,” Hu said adding that it will inevitably lose support as well.


He told The Mole it was Pas who promised to field non-Muslim candidates in 2010 after the party recognised the supporters’ club and declared it as a congress and one of the party’s wings instead.


Hu who had previously stirred controversy for his stand hudud said the party must not forget that the congress was also a part of its victory in the last general election.


“With our congress, we have managed to show how Pas is not intolerant to non-Muslims. That was one of the party’s winning factor that made them win in Perak, Kedah and even Selangor.”


“In Islam, when you make a promise, you must stick to it. Let’s just wait and see,” he further added.


Nonetheless, Hu said he is optimistic Pas will deliver its promise as nothing has been ascertained yet.


He also said the congress’ branch in a few states have already submitted names of their proposed candidates to the party.


Asked to comment on the decision made by the Penang Pas Supporters Congress chief Ooi Ah Looi @ Vellautham who decided to leave the party after 20 years, Hu described it as immature exit.


“Ooi should learn to be patient, especially when the party has not decided on anything yet. We don’t even know when the election will be,” he added.


“I understand maybe Ooi feels that he could not wait any longer. I think he should at least consult the party first,” Hu said.


A blog post at Outsyed the Box stated how the congress needs to take cue from Ooi’s departure from the party as they have been taken for a ride by Pas.


In his post the blogger published several news reports which shows the party’s stance in not appointing non-Muslims to the central committee of the Islamist party.


Ooi when contacted said he would not consider returning to Pas and may contest himself as an independent candidate in the next general election.


“Pas should know that when we asked to be candidates it is not for us, but for the party.”


“Clearly they don’t feel that way,” he said.