It's not child's play


It's not child's play

It's not child's play

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  • Mak Dirang
The mother of murder victim Nurul Nadirah Abdullah reacts to news that her daughter's body has been found. (Photo from New Straits Times)

It is a worrying trend. And if I may be permitted to say so, these incidents are reflective of our society’s lackadaisical attitudes towards what we perceive as “small matters” (pun not intended).


Each festive season, hundreds of us, Malaysians, die on the roads. We take traffic safety for granted. We do not give a second thought on whether or not to beat the traffic light, jump queue, drive in the emergency lanes, speed, hog the right lane, ride motorcycles without wearing a helmet or tailgate others. It is almost a culture of lawlessness in itself. Those who follow traffic laws are considered either as a moron or a selfish no-gooder. We are almost expected to break traffic laws in this country. 


That lackadaisical attitudes cost numerous lives. And not to mention untold grief and difficulties to many. Ultimately, it cost millions to the government every year. 


Now, we are showing symptoms of complete and utter disregard for the safety of our kids.


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