Learn how to ‘read’ and not just ‘count’


Learn how to ‘read’ and not just ‘count’

Learn how to ‘read’ and not just ‘count’

Sunday, April 1, 2012
  • MAS doomed
Bleak future for MAS?

"The Pioneers of MAS embraced these Corporate Objectives with passion and commitment and treated them like a marathon with no end in sight. Only Malaysians know the national aspirations.


So as not to deviate away from these corporate objectives, good corporate governance was put in place and strictly adhered to Measured against these corporate objectives, it is obvious that MAS has lost its direction.


Since 1994, MAS has not only changed in Form but also in Character.


In order for MAS to move forward is to REGROUP, adhere to good corporate governance, effectively manage cost, abhor acts of indiscipline, ahbor wastage, remain focused on National Aspirations and strongly supported by the relevant Government Agencies (like MOT, DCA, MAHB, CIQ), Hoteliers, Tours Operators and Ground Transporters etc…..


National Interest above personal interest."


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