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Left behind

Thursday, March 8, 2012
  • RTM
RTM lags far behind its privately-owned competitors in terms of social media presence and popularity. (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: Blogger Benchmark has added to the controversy surrounding a recent Cabinet briefing by posting photos which show numbers related to Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers of three media organisations: Media Prima, Astro, and RTM.


According to the photos, Media Prima has 3,369,124 Facebook ‘likes’ and 603,223 Twitter followers.


Astro is well behind at 647,883 Facebook ‘likes’ and 171,860 Twitter followers, while RTM lags far behind with only 40,101 Facebook ‘likes’ and 276 Twitter followers.


The photos -- which Benchmark published March 5 in a post entitled ‘Media Prima Vs Astro Vs RTM: Who is the Loser?’ -- appear to be related to a February 22 Cabinet briefing about social media which caused some concern among some pro-BN bloggers and prompted speculation about what had been discussed.


One blogger claimed someone in attendance had spoken negatively about the relevance of blogs going into the 13th General Election. However, others pointed out the focus of the briefing was on how the government could improve the way they use and interact with social media, and that blogs were not mentioned.


Blogger Big Cat recently said she had heard that the real focus was on the wide performance gap between government-owned RTM and stations run by privately-owned Media Prima and Astro.


Benchmark also posted the text of a note that he said had accompanied the photos in an anonymous email.


The note read: “These three pictures are the reason why someone is deliberately trying to pit bloggers and social media practitioners against an officer of the Prime Minister’s Office and an adviser to the Prime Minister.”


“The facts within these pictures were presented to the Cabinet on the instructions of the Prime Minister himself,” the note continued, “and there wasn’t any officer from the Prime Minister’s Office or adviser who ridiculed bloggers as claimed by irresponsible parties.”


The note suggested that someone was deliberately  trying to make the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister’s advisers look bad.