Look who's talking


Look who's talking

Look who's talking

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  • Anwar Ibrahim
When will his spinning stop? (Photo by Hussein Shahruddin/The Mole)

Apparently Anwar Ibrahim is giving the keynote address at 10.30am today (Wednesday 14th March) in Dubai. We can already guess what he will say, right? He will spin a tragic story about Malaysia, like he always does. It's the only thing he does.


Is this what will happen, while PM is delivering prosperity, democracy, and security for all Malaysians? While the government leader is working to build a nation, the opposition leader is talking to tear it down? While PM is walking the talk, the Opposition leader is talking the cock!

Can you imagine the things he will say?

- "Malaysian government does not allow media freedom" (even though pro-opposition voices are everywhere online)
- "Malaysian government cracks down on protests and public demonstrations" (who cares if the last few demos have been permitted by authorities)
- "Najib is afraid of debating with me" (urm ... because talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words?)

When will his spinning stop?


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