MAS begins code sharing with Bangkok Airways


MAS begins code sharing with Bangkok Airways

MAS begins code sharing with Bangkok Airways

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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Passangers can now fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to beautiful Samui Island on Thailand's east coast with Bangkok Airways.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Bangkok Airways have commenced a code-sharing agreement on the Thai carrier's selected domestic flights and international routes between Thailand and Malaysia.

The arrangement, effective March 25, also covers MAS services between Malaysia and Thailand.

It will allow the national carrier to set its MH marketing flight code on Bangkok Airways' services for Bangkok-Koh Samui (31 times weekly flights), Bangkok-Phuket (14 times weekly flights), Bangkok-Chiang Mai (14 times weekly flights), Koh Samui-Phuket (14 times weekly flights) and Koh Samui-Kuala Lumpur (daily flight).

"Bangkok Airways will code share on Malaysia Airlines' KL-Bangkok (27 times weekly) and KL-Phuket (14 times weekly) services," MAS said in a statement today.

The latest Bangkok Airways' service for KL-Koh Samui allows Malaysians and international passengers to fly direct into the island from KLIA without having to stop over in Bangkok.

The KLIA-Koh Samui-KLIA service is the Thai airway's third international route into Samui island after Singapore and Hong Kong.

Senior vice-president (International Affairs) MAS, Germal Singh, said the national carrier was delighted with the cooperation with Bangkok Airways which was growing fast in Thailand's premier domestic and regional airline market.

"With Malaysia Airlines' current 27 weekly services between KL and Bangkok and twice daily services between KL and Phuket, the code share with Bangkok Airways fits nicely into the needs of our travellers.

"They now have better travel options to get to Chiangmai via Bangkok, or on circuit trips like KLIA-Phuket-Koh Samui-Bangkok-KLIA.

"The code share with Bangkok Airways also allows us to improve our Thailand product by offering seamless connectivity to these sought-after destinations whilst strengthening KLIA's position as a key gateway for travellers."