Najib's five election issues


Najib's five election issues

Najib's five election issues

Saturday, March 24, 2012
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Spot on,'s not true.

Ah, good to know that the Malaysian Insider has confirmed my posting Malaysia Airlines has arrived (March 20) on how the MAS-AirAsia deal has become one of Najib Razak's biggest concerns for the 13th general election. According to Five Issues holding up likely June polls by Jahabar Sadiq, the PM's biggest headaches are:


1. Felda

2. Lynas

3. NFC

4. MAS-AirAsia and

5. Civil servants' pay review


That was what I heard, too. Spot on, Mr Sadiq.


But two snags with the report:


1. JJ is not Chairman of the BN Manifesto Committee. There is no such post.

2. The said briefing at the New Straits Times in Jalan Riong never happened.


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