Opening Anwar's Pandora Box


Opening Anwar's Pandora Box

Opening Anwar's Pandora Box

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
  • Pandora's Box
This is one event awaiting to unravel itself into bigger things.

With the general election getting closer, despite the fact that the date is not known, all the other bloggers are focused on political propaganda with simple and straightforward messages that are more digestible with the simple folks.


It's okay for they will miss the big story that will open Anwar's Pandora Box. It disproves a long held claim by Anwar that he does not have corporate cronies.

Using that claim, he conveniently blames and criticises the ruling party for corruption, cronyism and nepotism for political points. The blame game is also his way of hiding his dirtied hands. But the market haslong known of his corrupt and immoral misadventures.

The fact of the matter is there could be some truth when a member in the consortium to takeover KBB disclosed that Anwar Ibrahim and Quek Leng Chan are behind the leading group in the consortium.

Otherwise, why would a Chinese businessman like Low Thiam Hoe be willing to invest and be minority a takeover scheme led by a novice player, lawyer Faiz Abdullah and a group of newbie Melayus in the corporate game?


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