PM lauded for political reforms


PM lauded for political reforms

PM lauded for political reforms

Friday, September 16, 2011
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Najib's political transformation on eve of Malaysia Day


Kuala Lumpur: Hours before Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the abolishment of the ISA anticipation and speculation was rife; in fact, a hash tag on Twitter was created: #najibsannouncement.

The tweets and retweetings on the announcement went viral, with pre-speech tweets mostly taking a humorous and cynical tones.


However, when the PM finally completed his speech, the tone of the tweets changed. Gone were most of the jokes; in came more serious and in-depth discussions on the newly-announced political reforms.


There were many who disagreed and questioned the PM’s motives, some alleging that the general election must be around the corner; some even went to the extent of questioning Najib about other laws such as combating corruption and electoral fraud.


There were also those who were in total support of the PM’s announcement.


One such example was the following tweet: “Hats off to the PM for making such a brave and historic decision to grant Malaysians greater civil liberties.".


Some of the opposition leaders and members attempted to make a political score - claiming credit to the ISA being repealed.


Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim supported the the abolishment,  tweeting, “ISA:sambut baik pemansuhannya setelah sekian lama diperjuang rakyat dan ditentang umno.Wbp harus waspada samada kebebasan dijamin dan Akta Ganti (ISA: welcome the abolishment after the long struggle by the rakyat and opposed by Umno. However we must be vigilant that freedom is protected and the replacement Act).

Edmund BonEdmund Bon

Lawyer Edmund Bon tweeted: “Must just remember its a 50 over yr struggle. Let's remember the detainees who suffered & activists who exposed the stories. People power”

A visit to the prime minister’s Facebook page showed a great deal of support for his reforms, especially the repeal of the ISA. Many Facebook visitors thanked the PM for being aware of one of the major setbacks in the Malaysian legal system.


Even several news portals which are known to be not so favourable to the Najib administration Tweeted to their readers that the PM had brought some good news.