Pre-meditated attack with malice


Pre-meditated attack with malice

Pre-meditated attack with malice

Monday, April 30, 2012
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Who wanted public disorder? (Pic by Hussein Shaharuddin/ The Mole)

"Yesterday’s BERSIH 3.0 turned out clear cut what so many anticipated; an attempt to create havoc, chaos and public disorder, for the lenses of scheming foreign media and manipulating pro-Opposition new media.


They carefully organized the trump up. They manipulated so called ‘civil society of Malaysians’, to hype their now no longer unsubstantiated ’cause’.


They disobeyed the law. They defied court order. They never wanted to assemble, to show they had something to shout aloud. They wanted to create trouble. 


They provoked the Police. They wanted the Police to act against them, even though after maximizing all restraints (despite Police’s own SOP against public disorder and attempt to create chaos), it is according to the provisions provided by the Police Act (even it enforced together with the newly inacted Peaceful Assembly Act."


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