Proof of Bangladeshis voting in Malaysia? Not yet.


Proof of Bangladeshis voting in Malaysia? Not yet.

Proof of Bangladeshis voting in Malaysia? Not yet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
  • Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia
To date only 14 Bangladeshis are eligible to vote throughout the country.


KUALA LUMPUR: Lawyer and Malaysian Civil Liberty Movement president Haris Ibrahim remains unperturbed over demands in the blogosphere for him to prove his allegations that Bangladeshi workers are given Malaysian citizenship to allow them to vote.


Despite a denial from the Bangladesh government and a statement from National Registration Department (NRD) director-general Datin Jariah Mohd Said, Haris told The Mole that people will have to wait and see for his evidence to be made public.


“If they want to see my evidence, they have to wait,” Haris said in response to pressure from certain quarters wanting to see the evidence.


“Who are they to demand my evidence and outcome of my investigation? I don’t blog for Umno people and I'm not answerable to anyone. I do things my own way, so let them wait. Even if it takes until the end of the world, just wait.”


Prior to this Haris had alleged in his posting that foreign workers were given citizenships and MyKad to register as voters in Penang.


Contacted by The Mole then Haris said he was investigating the matter and would get verifcation on it.


Asked about the NRD's statement that only 14 Bangladeshis in Malaysia are eligible to vote, Haris retorted that he did not trust the department’s statistics.


“It was involved in Project M (Project Mahathir) to give citizenship to illegal immigrants in Sabah during 1980s.This was never investigated by anybody. Can we then trust their data on this?” he asked.


In a posting today blogger Yuseri Yusoff published names of Bangladeshis eligible to vote in the country as listed by the NRD.


Claiming that he has documented evidence to support his post Yuseri says he wants to counter baseless allegations by some individuals including PKR Kuantan MP and vice-president Fuziah Salleh that thousands of Bangladeshis were registered as voters in the country.


“I also want the public to know that their allegation about Bangladeshis being brought into Malaysia for the sole purpose of voting is untrue,” says Yuseri.


When contacted via the sms, Fuziah said she was unable to comment as she was  attending the Asian Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Phnom Penh, adding that she would only respond after she had clarified with her media advisors that The Mole was "indeed fair and independent".


“I don’t normally respond to a bias portal, especially one which has a tendency to mislead..... I’ll get back to you.”


It is also reported that Pas vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar wants the government to submit a protest note to the Bangladesh government over the item at the website of its PM Office on the alleged granting of citizenship to Bangladeshi workers here.