Punish them at the ballot box (and in court)


Punish them at the ballot box (and in court)

Punish them at the ballot box (and in court)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
  • Anwar Ibrahim
The only way to punish the leaders are st the ballot box

"The so-called Bersih 3.0 riots really opened the eyes of many, especially those in the middle ground, of the dangers faced by this beautiful Malaysia.

First there are the naive egoistical idiots such as Ambiga who think that the rest of us must abide by what they think is right for this country. They ended up being the willing tools of Pakatan at the rioting yesterday (on Saturday).

Despite the government bending backward to please them, they had insisted to have all their demands fullfiled. During the rioting last year, they were offered stadiums outside of KL but they insisted on Stadium Merdeka. This time they were offered Stadium Merdeka, but NO, they want Dataran Merdeka. There would be no end to what they want, that I'm sure.

Then there are the Pakatan leaders whose modus operandi is simply to exploit everything under the sun to get the power they are craving for. Yesterday (on Saturday), they were the ones who instigated the crowd to break the barrier at Dataran Merdeka which triggered the violence. They want the publicity and to create an impression that the government is evil and repressive.

However, when things got out of hand due to the overzealousness of their supporters, none of them are willing to bear responsibility."



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