Ramasamy must explain 'terrorism link', says Rayer


Ramasamy must explain 'terrorism link', says Rayer

Ramasamy must explain 'terrorism link', says Rayer

Friday, March 9, 2012
  • P Ramasamy
Where did the money go?

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang deputy chief minister (II) P.Ramasamy should come clean and explain what happened to the Sri Lanka Tamil War Victims Relief Fund to prevent DAP from being accused of sponsoring terrorists and terrorism.


DAP's Seri Delima state assemblyman RSN Rayer said  Ramasamy  should clear the air and explain the matter as there has been numerous claims, allegations and queries about the fund recently.


"I think Ramasamy should explain the matter publicly. It needs to be done so that the party will not be implicated or accused of endorsing such things. It appears to have gone viral in cyberspace and DAP's reputation is at stake," Rayer told The Mole.


He was commenting on allegations that the RM100,000 fund collected from Indians in Malaysia was deposited to a personal account of London-based Sri Lankan called Patmanaban.


A post at Unit Media Siber stated that a man has been detained by British authorities for having links with terrorists and money laundering.


"The DAP relief fund was headed by DCM Ramasamy. It was Ramasamy who deposited the money into Patmanaban account. Ramasamy directly sponsored terrorism and involved in illegal money laundering with public funds," the post alleged.


"It is best for him to answer about this issue since this fund was under him," Rayer added.


Penang DAP has launched its Sri Lankan Tamils Relief Fund to help ethnic Tamil civilians injured in the fighting between the military and Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka in 2009 with Rayer being appointed as fund chairman.


Ramasamy in a news report said the campaign was endorsed by the state government.


“This campaign is launched on humanitarian grounds and is not racially-motivated.”


Meanwhile DAP Penang state committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the party had publicly announced  the fund's account  more than a year ago.


Chow said, "as far as the party's concerned, the fund has already been sent out."


The Tanjung MP however refused to comment further about the status of the fund, claiming that he has no knowledge or details about it as well.


Ramasamy could not be reached for comments. His mobile phone has been offline and repeated short messages (sms) are yet to receive any response.