Regime change


Regime change

Regime change

Monday, February 13, 2012
  • anwar palestin
Is Anwar America's candidate to bring about "regime change" in Malaysia?

In Arab countries, whenever there is a rebellion against the government, America and Europe provide financial aid and arms, and even armed attacks to topple governments they don’t like.

In Chile, President Allende, who was chosen by the people through a democratic process, was killed by American agents so General Pinochet, who was supported by America, could become President. America prefers vicious dictators to democratic leaders who don’t support America.

America and Europe provide assistance by using their media to slander certain governments so that the people will overthrow governments that are not friendly with America and Europe.

In Indonesia, support was given to the army to topple Sukarno. Later, various forms of pressure were used to topple President Suharto.

We see America, Europe and Israel have not stopped trying to bring about “regime change” so that they can control every country in the world.

Has Malaysia become a target for “regime change”? Malaysia has definitely become a candidate for regime change because Malaysia does not recognise Israel and criticises various policies of the United States.

America and Israel’s candidate for building a puppet government is Anwar Ibrahim. For a long time now they have fostered a close relationship with Anwar.

Anwar clearly seems to believe that American support can help him achieve his ambition to become Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Because of that, Anwar gives the impression that he is a liberal who accepts and supports Western concepts such as human rights, all sorts of freedoms, anti-cronyism and corruption, rejects the NEP that is said to oppress certain groups in Malaysia, and anything else that can earn him encouragement and support from America.

It has succeeded to some extent because America considers Anwar to be worthy of bringing about “regime change” in Malaysia.

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