Shaik Hussein: "Bring it on Guan Eng"


Shaik Hussein: "Bring it on Guan Eng"

Shaik Hussein: "Bring it on Guan Eng"

Saturday, March 31, 2012
  • Lim Guan Eng Shaik Hussein Mydin Bayan Mutiara
Will Lim take Shaik Hussein to court?

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang Umno Youth chief Shaik Hussein Mydin said he has ample proof to back his expose of the Penang Government selling off plots earmarked for a mosque and school in the controversial billion-ringgit Bayan Mutiara land deal.


Despite a looming litigation threat, Shaik Hussein told The Mole: “I am ready for this issue to be heard in court. In fact I would suggest the Penang Government to sue me on other issues surrounding this land sale too.”


He further said a court case will allow him to legally obtain all documents regarding the Bayan Mutiara land sale and expose them publicly.


“So far we have given the facts and valid documents for (Penang Chief Minister) Lim Guan Eng to answer. Why is he quiet?” Shaik Hussein said.


“I read various news reports to find his response including on the online portals. Instead of clarifying, Guan Eng keeps repeating his political rhetorics,” Shaik Hussein added.


In a news report on Wednesday Lim said that he will take legal action against Shaik Hussein for lying and Utusan Malaysia for publishing such lies with regards to the accusations.


Shaik Hussein viewed the threat of legal action against him as Lim’s effort to shut him up from further highlighting the controversial land sale.


Commenting on remarks made by several leaders from Pakatan Rakyat stating the latest allegation in Bayan Mutiara is a propaganda to mislead the people, Shaik Hussein said: “I do not get why these leaders think so.”


“This is a technical issue. Penang Government should not sell subdivision lands meant for construction of mosque and school. It has already been prescribed by the law,” the civil engineer explained.


Shaik Hussein also said no issues will arise if the DAP-led Penang Government reserved both lands meant for the mosque and school from being sold to developer, Ivory Properties Group Bhd.


Previously in a news report Shaik Hussein highlighted how the sale contradicted the Penang Development Corporation's (PDC) initial plan to build those amenities as it was approved by the Pulau Pinang Municipal Council (MPPP - Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang) on Oct 30, 2006.


On a press statement by the Chief Minister’s political aide Zairil Khir Johari that Penang Umno should not make allegations that plots will not be allocated for the mosque and school as the new development plan has yet to be completed, Shaik Hussein said: “Zairil himself must understand that I am not saying no mosque will be built by the developer.”


“I am questioning why the Penang Government simply dismissed the initial development plan. If they are having this lackadaisical attitude on religious sites now, only God knows what they will do in the future.”


This latest allegation adds to a list of controversies surrounding the Bayan Mutiara land sale.


Prior to this BN's Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the MP for Kota Belud, had asked Lim's clarification regarding the sale of 41.6 hectares of land worth of RM1.2 billion by PDC to the developer.


Blogger SatD in his post had came up with a series of questions regarding the sale of the land by PDC as well as the conversion of the land from leasehold to freehold status.