SMM: We are not part of Free Anwar 901 campaign


SMM: We are not part of Free Anwar 901 campaign

SMM: We are not part of Free Anwar 901 campaign

Saturday, December 24, 2011
  • Anwar Ibrahim
SMM has denied any involvement in politics or with politicians.

Kuala Lumpur: Solidarity Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) is and will not be involved in the much hyped anticipated Free Anwar 901 (Bebas Anwar 901) rally on January 9, 2012.


SMM president Ahmad Syukri Abdullah told The Mole: “SMM is aware of the rally, but we are not part of it. Anwar Ibrahim have not met or spoken to us about the intended rally".


A blog posting in Cucu Tok Selampit pointed out that the Opposition leader who is facing a sodomy charge at the Kuala Lumpur High Court had held talks with several student groups in his residence on Oct 17.


Apart from instigating the students to demonstrate against the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) the blogger claimed that Anwar had also sought the students support for the Free Anwar movement.


Cucu Tok Selampit even published pictures of the said Oct 17 gathering in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.


Several other blogs had also posted similar pictures. 


Asked to comment on the Oct 17 gathering, Ahmad Syukri said SMM did not attend any such gathering with Anwar and were not involved in organising any rally or movement to support the Opposition leader.


"We in SMM never met him for anything," he stressed.


Before this SMM had also denied the involvement of Parti Keadilan Rakyat information chief Tian Chua during the anti-AUKU rally at the Putra World Trade Centre last week.


Ahmad Syukri had said that Tian Chua was not the mastermind behind the rally, but was just present to show his support.