The Star's intentional Amnesia?


The Star's intentional Amnesia?

The Star's intentional Amnesia?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
  • Erykah Badu
Was The Star trying to stir controversy?

It was only in August that The Star was warned for their insensitivity to publish inserted pork and menu in their Ramadhan Delight special promotion insertion in their August 10 issue.


Many felt they got away to easy with a mere apology which were not sufficiently noticed, for an insensitive act.

Despite widespread ignorance by the races in Malaysia of each others' custom and taboo, even school children are aware that pork and liquor are taboo to Muslims and it considered unclean.

After the much publicity to Muslim's sensitivity to the use of Allah by non Muslims, common sense should tell us that it can only be expected that Muslims would find it offensive for the name Allah to be written on a nude women's body.

The aurat, especially of the Muslimah, is sacriligious in Islam to be exposed. The Muslims men as well. Let alone to have the Muslim's God's name on a naked non-Muslim woman body!

The fact that these similar act of insensitivity is being repeated by The Star within the span of six months is baffling.

How could an established mainstream newspaper with multiracial and multi-religious staff that is expected to have better understanding of the different customs and taboos be committing such a mistake again?

It can only be intentional amnesia.


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