Guan Eng's red herring


Guan Eng's red herring

Guan Eng's red herring

Monday, January 21, 2013
  • Pakatan Rakyat
“Religion and laws are so united” in Muslim dominated areas that the introduction of Christian beliefs will bring about “much mischief, much bitterness of heart and contention”, Seademon wrote quoting Raffles. (Graphic by:Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

Blogger John F. Seademon once again wrote a piece on a controversial issue which has been one of the most talked about topic so far this year.


The issue about the usage of "Allah" in bibles has been discussed at length, unfortunately without any real understanding and solution. The blogger in his latest posting not only touched on this particular topic but also highlighted others which are correlated to the main issue.


The blogger wrote : "From a layman’s view, it all started with the delegates at the DAP CEC election rejecting ALL the Malay candidates, including one veteran Malay who has been trying to get a seat for the past quarter of a century, and a Chinese disguised as a Malay nominated to hoodwink especially, the DAP Malays."


"Perhaps, all the nation’s Malays lambasted the DAP for claiming itself to be a multiracial party when the composition of its CEC does not reflect the Malaysian demography. Pulling the scupper off instead of plugging the hole, DAP fumbled again with the CEC election results by blaming Microsoft Excel for miscalculations and put the Chinese disguised as a Malay as the 20th spot winner of the CEC election."


Seademon pointed out that DAP advisor, Lim Guan Eng had thrown a red herring which is the issue of using Allah to represent God in Bibles.


"This time, he went too far." wrote the blogger.


He wrote that while the Umno Malays and PAS quarrelled over the Allah issue, DAP-friendly netizens quickly went on the roll to convince Malay voters that Zairil Khir Johari who is DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary is indeed a Malay. 


According to Seademon, Zairil Khir Johari not Zairil bin Khir Johari he is just plain Zairil Khir Johari, whose mother, Christine Lim married the late Tan Sri Mohd Khir Johari in February 1996 who was the former education minister.


The blogger argued that if Zairil's mother had given birth to him after getting married to Khir, Zairil would be now be 16 years and 2 months old, but he is not.


"And no, Zairil was not born as Zairi. He was born in Hawaii, USA, and his real name is CHRISTOPHER! CHRISTOPHER ROSS LIM whose BIOLOGICAL FATHER is HOWARD LIM!"


"But of course, if it isn’t DAP hoodwinking the public, then what is DAP’s raison d’être?


Seademon continued to write about the unsettled 'Allah' issue : "Okay, you have the Malays fighting each other on the Allah in the Bible issue. It was raised by Lim Guan Eng, UMNO went ballistics, and PAS supporters were quick to blame UMNO for bringing up the issue. Dementia? Or plain senile?"


"Only one person from PAS, the MP for Parit Buntar, made a personal comment on the issue enquiring Lim Guan Eng’s motive for bringing the issue up. Kudos to the only one with balls in PAS. Of course, DAP gave PAS an ultimatum to toe the line which PAS, seemingly now being the subjugated meek within Pakatan Rakyat, gladly did."


"Then, to show that it has some power, and not just some whipping boy in the PR understanding (it isn’t a coalition), the PAS-led Kedah State government pulled a fast one by announcing a ban on female performers for the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, and guess what? Patrick Teoh went berserk calling it a ruling made by “Quran-thumping motherf***ers.”


"Maybe old Patrick Teoh needs to read more history before he becomes one. Sir Stamford Raffles, a hardcore Evangelist, in a letter to his cousin in 1815 mentioned how “Religion and laws are so united” in Muslim dominated areas that the introduction of Christian beliefs will bring about “much mischief, much bitterness of heart and contention”.


Seademon also pointed out how less than a week after that PAS' Majlis Syura that governs the party’s policies, issued a statement stating non-Muslims cannot use the name Allah.


"Enter DAP, through the gradually-taming Lion of Jelutong, calling on PAS’s President, Abdul Hadi Awang, to ensure that the Majlis Syura PAS toes the Pakatan Rakyat line, while Azmin Ali of Parti Keadilan Rakyat was quick to say that the Majlis Syura PAS is not part of the Pakatan Rakyat."


"And now, we have people in Penang distributing the Malay Bible to Malay schoolchildren in contrary to claims by the Christian quarter that the Bibles are not meant for distribution to the Malays. Read more about it here."


"Isn’t it obvious that the all-corrupted UMNO is consistently defending Islam while PAS continues to behave like the thumped motherf***ers?"