Tian Chua: Kamal was a Malaysian


Tian Chua: Kamal was a Malaysian

Tian Chua: Kamal was a Malaysian

Monday, November 14, 2011
  • Kamal  Bamadhaj
Kamal Bamadhaj (centre) during his trip to East Timor in the early 90s

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president Tian Chua insisted that 20-year old Kamal Bamadhaj, slain during Indonesia’s Dili massacre, was a Malaysian.


This is despite a posting by blogger SatD that provided documents that Kamal was a bearer of a New Zealand passport at the time of his death.


SatD in his posting on Sunday provided links to a document submitted to an Indonesian court in which, it stated that Kamal carried a New Zealand passport. 


The blogger had made the posting in response to Tian Chua's tweet which condemned the Malaysian government for not protesting against the death of a Malaysian student and human rights activist.


“I don’t think our (Malaysian) government would have kept quiet if one of its citizen were shot dead,” SatD wrote.


His final tweet to Tian Chua was whether the PKR leader still thought that the Malaysian Government have the right to protest the death of a New Zealander born in Malaysia.


Tian Chua who had responded to SatD's earlier tweets chose not to reply to the former's last tweet.


SatD also posted in his blog a statement on Kamal’s legal case which read: “Kamal Ahmed Bamadhaj was born in Malaysia in 1970. Todd Decl. at 2. After the divorce of his parents, he was raised by his mother, plaintiff Helen Todd. Id. at 1. Educated first in Malaysia and then in New Zealand, he carried a New Zealand passport...”


Tian Chua (pic) in an SMS reply to The Mole insisted: “He (Kamal) is a Malaysian full stop. (He) never lived in NZ (New Zealand), father and mother both lived in Malaysia.”


“His mother is a Malaysian PR (permanent resident) famous in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) while his father is now living in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and is also an ex-Umno politician.”


The Batu MP also said that there was no need for him to respond to cyber troopers, when asked to comment about SatD’s remarks which criticised his silence over the matter.


Kamal was murdered in East Timor along with approximately 200 East Timorese, when Indonesian soldiers opened fire on a peaceful memorial procession at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili on November 12, 1991.


Tian Chua stressed that the real issue was not about the identity of the victim, but about Malaysian government support of the action taken by the late former Indonesian president Suharto in handling the issue.