The trouble


The trouble

The trouble

Sunday, March 4, 2012
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Why is the 'trouble' allowed to roam with impunity?
Folks some of you obvious cronies and cissies send me comments whining that I complain too much. Well on Friday, I received this sms from the top gun of a pretty huge Government outfit. Read for yourself. I have ch**ged the name for obvious reasons.

"Bro, seen the Andrew Sh**g insider trading story in FMT?? All I can say is, what goes around, comes around!! Have a good weekend."

Thanks for the info Bro. This is the story of a Director of Khazanah Nasional Bhd whose name has been implicated as being involved in insider trading.

What is insider trading? Insider trading is using privileged information (that you have received usually in your capacity as a person holding trust and fiduciary responisbilities) to enrich yourself by buying shares in the stock market etc. This is a crime punishable by Law in most countries including Malaysia. More importantly it is ethically and morally wrong.

OK two things first. First of all the mainstream media has been totally silent on this revelation about the Khazanah Director. Not just the mainstream media but the DAP will also NOT be taking up this case because the Khazanah Director involved is a Chinese. The DAP usually makes most noise when it is non-Chinese who get their fingers dirty.

The news came out in the Opposition Blogs. You can read it here and here : "Khazanah director accused of ‘illegal shares’ deal".

So arent we glad that the Blogs are free and unfettered? Dont forget folks - it was Dr Mahathir Mohamed who set up the Multi Media Supercorridor, brought in the Internet and had Parliament pass our Internet laws which so far have guaranteed absolutely no censorship of the Internet. (Maybe because it is such an impossible thing to do). So we can read about scandals that are otherwise covered up by the mainstream media.

Secondly : A perceptive Blogger friend of mine said it correctly the other day that "90% of the Government's scandalous financial problems" (including the lembu condo case, the Khazanah Nasional - Medini fiascos, the MAS fiascos, the MAS - Air Asia share swap (maybe another fiasco) and now this "insider trading" involving this Khazanah Nasional Director and many, many more troubling money related issues) all revolve around just one Cabinet Minister.

Just one big trouble causer Minister who has been causing financial trouble for this country since his name first appeared in public about 20 years ago (also involving huge financial losses).
Who is the cabinet minister