Turbo-prop 'flip-flop' in Subang?


Turbo-prop 'flip-flop' in Subang?

Turbo-prop 'flip-flop' in Subang?

Sunday, November 13, 2011
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Flip-flop: Grim reminder of a recent past

"So after the successful ‘back door take over’ of Malaysia Airlines via the so called “share-swap” announced on 9 August and he and his partner Kamaruddin Meranun got themselves in the BOD with ‘executive powers’, he preyed further on for his next kill.  


That is not withstanding the uneasiness their presence within Malaysia Airlines caused to over 18,000 of the national carrier employees.


Of course, we all saw within weeks after pounching onto the neck of Malaysia Airlines, the devour started when the national carrier is made to pay RM 18 million for the sponsorship of his own latest private venture then; Queens Park Rangers.


The RM 18 million is for only QPR’s home games where else the pleasure of trotting about the whole of United Kingdom’s stadium spectators’ games t-shirt sponsorship goes to his own AirAsia.


With a rather lousy stroke of luck, Fernandes lost his claim to the Lotus F1 team label which was fighting literally with tooth-and-nail. He had to change it to Caterham".