Waging war through NGOs


Waging war through NGOs

Waging war through NGOs

Monday, March 5, 2012
  • Dr Mahathir HR
If foreign powers succeed in changing the government of Malaysia through illegitimate means, will we still be truly independent?

Recently the Egyptian authorities arrested more than ten Americans.


Who are they?


According to a report in an American magazine, Newsweek, they are members of various American NGOs that are involved in bringing democracy to Egypt. Among them are the National Democratic Institute (NDI), International Republican Institute (IRI), and Freedom House. All of them, according to Newsweek, “receive US government funding”.


The same report, published February 13, stated, “But storming NGOs, interrogating US citizens, and banning them from leaving the country has strained US-Egypt relations and threatened the sacrosanct $1.3 billion in military aid from the US”.


In Mubarak’s time the US was prohibited from financing Egyptian NGOs that were not registered through US government financial aid bodies such as Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour. Now US government agencies have resumed funding NGOs that are not registered.


(However, following the uprising that toppled Mubarak, U.S, AID once again began distributing funds to unregistered NGOs in an effort to be part of Egypt’s democratic future – Newsweek Feb. 13)


US intervention in movements to overthrow the governments of countries that  do not share its aspirations is quite clear. Of course in Malaysia it is also funding NGOs that are committed to bringing about “Regime Change”.


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