Why Teresa Kok?


Why Teresa Kok?

Why Teresa Kok?

Thursday, November 28, 2013
  • Theresa Kok
What is the deal?

Teresa Kok withdraws two lawsuits against Utusan

Dog food day. 
The Seputeh MP did not just withdraw the RM30 million suits against Utusan Malaysia and award-winning journalist Zaini Hassan, she agreed to withdraw the suits without the liberty to file afresh and with no order as to cost.
As a layman with some (as in limited) experience of being sued myself, I see this as the equivalent of the MP throwing in the towel. Which is odd, because you know Teresa, she doesn't give in easily. 

So was there a deal? 
I hear it has something to do with Utusan Malaysia's suit filed against her in 2011. Newspapers in this country don't sue people and the 2011 legal action against the YB was a rare one.
Some said Utusan was left with no choice but to play the same game. After the 2008 general election, it was apparent that politicians from the Opposition were gunning for certain media organisations aligned to the ruling party. The aim was to sue them till they go bankrupt. Utusan, seen as a close Umno ally, became a favorite target.
To date, Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal Singh, and Lim Guan Eng have sued the paper.